Winter Recess Pay Dates

As we move into the holiday season, please take a moment to review the pay dates below. Payments occurring near or during our Winter Recess time period will be paid as follows:

Student Payroll
ST-26 – December 23, 2020
ST-1 – January 8, 2021 (Does not include Graduate Assistants)

Non-Exempt Payroll
B1-26 – December 18, 2020
B1-27 – December 31, 2020*
B1-1 – January 15, 2021

Exempt Payroll
M1-1 – January 4, 2021

Supplemental Payroll
M2-12 – December 15, 2020

*Note that B1-27 will be paid on a day the University is closed. Please make sure your direct deposit information is up to date to avoid any interruption in pay.