“What is Happening in Ukraine and Why Does It Matter?”

After months of massing troops on Ukraine’s borders, Russia began a multi-pronged invasion last week. Ukraine is resisting Russian advances while hundreds of thousands of refugees flee to neighboring countries. The US and EU have imposed tough economic sanctions on Russia. NGOs like Eurovision and athletic teams are excluding Russian participants. Russian President Putin has put his nuclear forces on high alert. Ukraine reports a rise in radiation levels after Russian troops took control of Chernobyl. Facets of this crisis multiply and magnify daily.

What is Happening in Ukraine and Why Does It Matter?

Join Dr. Barbara Skinner for a Q&A on the Russian war in Ukraine and its importance to the US and the world. Dr. Skinner is Professor of History specializing in Russia and Ukraine. She teaches at Indiana State University.

Tuesday March 1. 4pm in the Library Events Area, Cunningham Memorial Library at ISU

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    March 1, 2022
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    4:00 pm
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    5:00 pm
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    Library Events Area, Cunningham Memorial Library
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