Wellness Screenings end August 18th!

The 2023 Wellness Screenings are being offered on-campus through August 18th. Screenings and Tobacco Use Certification must be completed for discounts or to avoid surcharges on your 2024 Health Premiums.


– Go to Unionhealth.gofitlyfe.com and log in with your username and password from the 2023 screening. If you do not remember select Forgot Username or Password and follow the instructions to reset your account.

– If you did not participate in the Wellness Screening in 2023, go to Unionhealth.gofitlyfe.com and click on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT and follow the steps. When registering your Union ID for you and your spouse is ISU and your University (ISU991 or ISU992).

If you have questions please contact the Benefits Office at 812-237-4150.

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