Transfer your commencement tickets

Graduating students, please remember to transfer your commencement tickets to your guests ASAP and BEFORE commencement day. This will make your guests’ check-in smoother and quicker on commencement day. Every guest entering Hulman Center for graduation ceremonies MUST have a digital ticket! They will be denied entrance without a digital ticket. Please refer to the Mobile Ticket Transfer Guide. Once you have transferred your tickets, your guests will need to open the email to accept them, AND add the tickets to their mobile device. Those guests without a Ticketmaster account will need to first create an account—then follow the link in email to accept tickets. The transfer instructions are also listed below.


On your ISU Ticketmaster account:

  • Login

  • Select “manage tickets”

  • Select the graduation ceremony

  • Select “transfer”

  • Check each ticket to be transferred

  • Select “continue”

  • Add recipient information (name and email address), then select “transfer”

For ticketing related issues, or if you are in need of ADA seats,  please call (812) 237-3770, or email