Tai Chi

This 6-week Tai Chi class will introduce Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan while practicing 60 movements with proper stance, mindful steps, relaxation, and balance. In addition, participants will explore the Tai Chi principles and their applications to real life.

Myung-Ah Lee, Ph.D. has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan and was certified as an instructor in 2017 by Grand Master William C. C. Chen in New York. She has taught Tai Chi Chuan for college students at ISU and offered Tai Chi workshops for various audiences like school teachers, staff, and at-risk children. She now wants to extend her teaching toward all ages for sharing its health benefits and healing power.

She earned her Ph.D. degree in physical education teacher education at Ohio State University and has worked as a faculty and program coordinator at the ISU Dept of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport since 2004.

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