Sycamore Root Intranet Update

The Sycamore Root Intranet project was started as a companion to the Indiana State website redesign, to provide a home for all of the interdepartmental services and data-exchange which aren’t a good fit for a public website.

The Sycamore Root is entering a new phase. We have engaged more than 103 campus offices from our official list and started them down the path of Sycamore Root development. Now that we are at the end of the list we began with, we’d like to hear from those areas that we may have missed. Areas that have been newly formed or were part of another group but now stand on their own are just a couple of reasons why our initial list was incomplete.

Visit the Sycamore Root Employee page to see the list of pages currently under development:

If your area is not listed there (and not part of a larger roll-up like Athletics) and you have not yet been contacted about the Sycamore Root Intranet Project, please complete this form to register and we will reach out soon to start the process:

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