Student receives Fault Line Film Festival award

Katie Higginbotham, a senior communication major with a concentration in media studies, received the Judges’ Award from the Fault Line Film Festival for her short film called “Another Life.”

The Fault Line Film Festival at Southeast Missouri State University held their 11th annual narrative short film competition for university and high school students throughout the Midwest. The festival was held virtually April 12-17.

Higginbotham from Noblesville, Ind., has been a member of Sycamore Video for four years. Last year she served at the general manager and now works as the executive producer. “Sycamore Video has taught me everything, from editing to shot composition and even how to turn on the camera,” Higginbotham said.

Higginbotham’s film “Another Life” was an independent study with her instructor and mentor Jeffrey Perkins. During the production of this film, she encountered many obstacles including leads dropping out at the last minute requiring her to rewrite the whole story just a couple days before filming.

“Katie is one of the best officers I have had in over 22 years,” said Perkins, student video production manager. “Her hard work and dedication to this project was incredible. Katie’s film “Another Life” was an extraordinary effort from a student in the fact that no one has attempted a time period piece (a work set at a particular time in history) before. A student finding the location, costumes and shooting any film like that is mind blowing.”

Higginbotham was honored to be a recipient of the Judges’ Award at this festival. “I’m a storyteller, and “Another Life” is a very important story to me,” Higginbotham said. “It’s a love story, but it’s also a love letter from me to everyone who has been persecuted for who they love and for being who they are. My dream is to be a filmmaker. I want to act. I want to model. I want to direct and produce and write and costume and video and edit. Creating this film reminded me of everything I want to do in life: make people feel something. Winning this award gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, I’m doing that.”

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