Student Employment Programs Award Recipients

The 2022 Student Employment Programs Awards Ceremony, shared yesterday at, virtually recognized over 100 student and supervisor nominees for their contributions to Indiana State University during the 2021-2022 academic year. 7 awards were given out including Rising Star, Leadership Award, Career Readiness Award, Student Employee of the Year, Graduate Assistant of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, and Team of the Year.

Award recipients and nominees for each award are below.

(Award Recipient) Gavin Cook, WZIS- FM
Alexis Gilreath, Communication
Alexis Smith, OIT
Ashley Boak, Campus Recreation
Haley Burke, Library Services
Harrison McClintock, University College
Joshua Brandle, Library
Katherine McClintock, University College
Laney Gilbert, Math Lab
Lynise Lucas, CCE
Madison Shirar, CCE
Sam Carlson, Student Success

(Award Recipient) Conner Walts, Math Lab
Andrea Stepro, ACES
Ashley Cox, Career Center
Jacob Shepard, Library
Jocelyn Quiles, Athletics
Morgan Sanford, Student Health Promotions

(Award Recipient) Morgan Sanford, Student Health Promotions
Alexis Smith, OIT
Anna – Marie Carver, Student Affairs Office of the VP
Elizabeth Baer, Foundation
Jace Mott, Library

(Award Recipient) Jabrea Jones, Student Media
Alexis Smith, OIT
Christian Hill, African American Cultural Center
Claire Garbison, OIT
Elizabeth Baer, Foundation
Hailey Ogan, Campus Recreation
Holly Coffelt, School of Music & Library
Justin Wittmer, University College
Kimberly Collins, Foundation

(Award Recipient) Ashlyn Conrad, Early Childhood Education Center
Allissa Theisz, Office of Sponsored Programs
Breanna Barker, BCOE Dean’s Office
Cristina Arroyo, Career Center
Daisy Castillo, COT Student Services
Emily LeMasters, ACES
JoAnna Marley, Writing Center
Julio Benjamin Morales, Kinesiology Dept.
Katelyn Stokes, Extended Learning
Katlynd Peterson, CCE
Lauren Lee, BCOE Dean’s Office
Megan Allen, BCOE Dean’s Office
Michael Munro, University College
Sarah Alzahrani, SCOB
Sarnaya Morland, Student Success

(Award Recipient) Nicholas Horton, Campus Recreation
Amanda White, BCOE
Annie Liner, ACES
Chris Drew, English
David Vogel, Theater
Debra Barber, NSTP
Dori Ball, BCOE – Grosjean Clinic
Dr. JaDora Sailes-Moore, ACES
Dr. Tiffany Reed, African American Cultural Center
Dustin Bryant, Career Center
Garrett Rood, University Marketing
Heather Mayti, Desk Manager – Hines
Hilary Duncan, Foundation
Holly Curtsinger, BCOE – ECEC
Jeffrey Perkins, Communications
Jennifer Latimer, EES
Jessica Markle, Math & Writing Center
Jon Glick, Controller
Karen Davis, Registrar
Karissa Baumgartner, ResLife
Katie Sutrina -Haney, Library
Kellen Norris, Athletics
Kimberly Lund, Veteran Services
LaShata Grayson, FSL
Martha Milner, Student Publications
Martha Vaughn, OIT
Michelle Reeson, MEIS
Mike Servis, OIT
Missy Allen, Graduate Student Services
Molly Hare, Library (FCTE)
Olivia Ayon, ResLife
Pei-Yi Hu, OIT
Randa Wells, Tirey Hall
Rhonda Beecroft, Library
Richard Green, Communications
Ruth Fairbanks, Multidisciplinary Studies – Gender Studies
Shelby Wazfig, OIT
Troy Hoffman, Title IX
Wyatt Lawson, Admissions

(Award Recipient) Aman Anand, M&CS GA Team
(Award Recipient) Sai Mahitha Balijepalli, M&CS GA Team
(Award Recipient) Sarah Marnell, M&CS GA Team
(Award Recipient) Trevor Vogel, M&CS GA Team

Alex Nogoda, Campus Recreation
Allison Palmer, Campus Recreation
Ella Dodd, Campus Recreation
Emma Behrens, Campus Recreation
Emmanuel Jennings, Jr, Campus Recreation
Hailey Ogan, Campus Recreation
Hannah Redlin, Campus Recreation
Isaac Foley, Campus Recreation
Maria Mraz, Campus Recreation
Riley Wagoner, Campus Recreation
Zackary Fry, Campus Recreation

Addie Clements, Hulman Center
Dominick Intravaia, Hulman Center
Emma McLaughlin, Hulman Center
Kristen Scheid, Hulman Center

Braden Taylor, Student Media
Brennen Maus , Student Media
Edward Jackson, Student Media
Isaaiel Collins-Jones , Student Media
Jabrea Jones, Student Media
Jalen Day, Student Media
Jonathan Thompson, Student Media
Kaylee Sparks, Student Media
Leslie Ramos , Student Media
Martha Alsip, Student Media
Michelle Hall, Student Media

Alisha Vanarsdale, Writing Center
Aria Ahmer, Writing Center
Avery Hanauer, Writing Center
Barbara McCormick, Writing Center
Bobbie Mammolenti, Writing Center
Jenna Owens, Writing Center
Jessica Wiersema, Writing Center
JoAnna Marley, Writing Center
Kaelynn Cox, Writing Center
Katie Pollert, Writing Center
Kaylei Knight, Writing Center
Lainey Gentrup, Writing Center
Lexie Hamil, Writing Center
Nicolette McConnell, Writing Center
Rose Pax, Writing Center
Samuel Grant, Writing Center
Sydney Feldhake, Writing Center
Zoee Lagerhausen, Writing Center

Christian Hill, WZIS-FM
Coby Clark , WZIS-FM
Gavin Cook , WZIS-FM
Jacob Pickett , WZIS-FM
Joseph Moore , WZIS-FM
Lyric Utterback , WZIS-FM
Madalyn Meece , WZIS-FM
Madeline Murphy , WZIS-FM
Quentin Kendall , WZIS-FM

Congratulations and thanks to our award recipients and nominees for the tremendous value they bring to Indiana State.

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