State Orientation Plans for 2021

In order to continue to help protect the health and well-being of our future Sycamores and their families, the Office of New Student Transition Programs has decided to hold our required three-part State Orientation program for first-year students in a combination of virtual and in-person formats, along with an additional, optional on-campus opportunity for both students and families in June.

State Orientation will consist of the following programs:

Virtual State Start-Up:
State Start-Up ( is required for all new Indiana State students and is a time for students to confirm their course registration, meet their Orientation Leader, and interact with other new Sycamores. State Start-Up will be held in a live, virtual format throughout the month of June. Students can register for State Start-Up after they confirm their enrollment.

State Engage
State Engage ( is also required for all new students and is held the weekend before classes begin in August. State Engage will be held on campus and is designed to help them become familiar with Indiana State, meet faculty and other staff members, and get to know other students.

State Welcome
The first five weeks of the fall semester is dedicated to State Welcome (, which consists of programs and events to help students get involved on campus, develop professional skills for their future career, and also learn how to improve their academic skills.

Family Orientation
Family Orientation ( is designed to provide families with the information and resources necessary to support their student at Indiana State. The program is not required, but families are highly encouraged to attend. Virtual Family Orientation will consist of online presentations families can watch at their convenience; as well as, on their students’ program date, a chance to meet and speak with representatives from across campus in a virtual format.

In addition to the above programs, we are also offering State Connect (, which is an optional, on-campus experience that both students and families can register to attend. This three-hour program will be held on six occasions throughout June, on Monday and Friday evenings, as well as Saturday afternoons.

For students, State Connect will consist of:
– Meeting other new Sycamores
– Seeing inside a Residence Hall and touring campus
– Exploring different interest areas such as:
Cultures of Blue
Wellness, Club Sports, and Fitness
Involvement and Leadership
Serving and Helping Others
Student Media

For families, State Connect will consist of:
– Meeting other new Sycamore families
– Seeing inside a Residence Hall and touring campus
– Meeting with several areas across campus such as:
University College
Campus Bookstore
Accessibility Resource Office
Career Center
Residential Life
Mentoring Center
And many more!

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