Social justice certificate application open

The ISU Social Justice Certificate Program Outcomes
 Demonstrate skills for engaging and addressing issues of diversity and social justice.
 Understand the power dynamics associated with difference and dominance/oppression, and their impact on human functioning and social relations within and across diverse groups.
 Understand how structural inequities in society are shaped by historical, psychological, social, and political factors.
 Demonstrate awareness of oppressive assumptions, biases, and prejudices that facilitate a stance of dominance, as well as identify where these biases, prejudices and assumptions rest in institutions.
 Develop methods for continuing this life long process of recognizing our biases, learning how to change oppressive systems, and building a more socially just, equitable multicultural society

Program Requirements
Students will complete the following experiences at any point during a year of beginning the certificate program.
A. Leadership Bias Education
B. Leadership Social Justice Experiences
C. Curriculum Based Leadership Development
D. Final Project

Program Requirement Guidelines –

Registration –

After you register, a Social Justice Certificate team member with contact you to ensure you understand all program requirements. They will also serve as your support during the completion of the certificate

After the Social Justice Certificate team verifies your submission, students will receive:
1. Credit on your co-curricular record
2. Certificate of completion
3. Gift

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