Recruitment Survey: Instructional Comics Dissertation Research

You are invited to complete a recruitment survey to participate in research using a case study methodology. This survey will take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete and can be located here:

This study is being conducted by Aaron White as part of a doctoral dissertation with Dr. Melissa Nail (Department of Teaching and Learning, Indiana State University) serving as faculty sponsor. The aim is to investigate an instructional design process that emphasizes the use of comics as anchored text (i.e., the central text around which a lesson, unit, or module is organized) with the intention of understanding how these materials may affect a structured learning environment.

The goal of this survey is to identify willing participants. Respondents are asked to share their contact information at the end of the survey, and these results will be used for recruitment purposes. You will only be contacted for an additional follow-up if your responses meet the recruitment criteria.

Participation in this recruitment survey is entirely optional. You may choose at any point to not finish the survey or to not answer any questions. Only complete responses will be recorded.

Thank you for your participation!

  • Sponsoring Unit
    Department of Teaching and Learning