ProCards & Bids — Policy Update

As part of a regular policy review, the administration has identified the need to update this policy to be more aligned with other public university policies throughout the State of Indiana. Please see the highlighted updates below.

NEW NAME (630.1)
The Office of Procurement, or Procurement Department

Default transaction limit = $3,500.00
Default cycle limit = $5,000.00

**All active cards that are currently below these new defaults (for either) will be raised to meet them. No Limit Adjustment Form is necessary to raise a card to the new default limit(s).


Purchases Under $3,500 (630.3.1.1): Purchases may be made on the Procurement Card, as dictated by the cardholder’s limits, and not otherwise restricted by Indiana State University Purchasing policies and procedures. If a purchase is above the cardholder’s limit or not allowable for payment by a Procurement Card, then a Purchase Order, or Direct Pay may be used without soliciting quotations, if the price is considered reasonable.

Purchases $3,500 to $9,999 (630.3.1.2): Purchases may be awarded without written quotes. In some cases, the buyer may choose to bid the items(s) if the Office of Procurement believes that may be in the best interest of the University.

Purchases $10,000 or Higher (630.3.1.3): The Procurement Department shall attempt to obtain a minimum of at least three written quotes from vendors in Indiana State University forms.

**See Policy 630.3.2 for additional thresholds regarding Restricted Fund purchasing.

Please visit the ISU Policy Library to review the policy in its entirety:

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    Office of Procurement