Mornings in May

Mornings in May

9-10:30 a.m. in the FCTE!
Light refreshments available.

Wednesday, May 10 Mastery Paths in Canvas
Mastery Paths harness the flexibility that Canvas is capable of providing each student. Learn how to use this tool to provide an array of learning opportunities best suited for each learner in your course. Kristie Bigler (OIT) will present this session.

Friday, May 12 ChatGPT in Higher Ed
In this session, ChatGPT will be discussed, and participants will be encouraged to access the site. Suggestions for how faculty should view Artificial Intelligence in higher education will be presented, with the direct intention of not banning the newest technology. We will also discuss whether ChatGPT should be considered an author for citation. Molly Hare will facilitate this session.

Monday, May 15 Course (Re)Design
Many programs have recently undergone program revision, which leads to course revision. Utilizing Dee Fink’s celebrated work Designing Courses for Significant Learning Experiences, a step-by-step approach to developing or re-designing a course will be the main focus of this session. Molly Hare will facilitate this session.

Wednesday, May 17 Writing in the 21st Century
In this workshop, we will review research and trends in writing from over the last two decades. In the “Digital Age,” writing, as every facet of our lives, has changed dramatically. In turn, this means the way we teach it, and what we teach as “writing,” has also changed. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss and develop their own writing assignments. Brian Stone will facilitate this session.

Friday, May 19 Learning Loss
We may already be noticing student learning changes in our classrooms due to the pandemic. This session will center around what changes have been noticed, what student performance we may predict as shortfall very soon if we haven’t yet seen it, and how we can go about addressing or situating new learning experiences in our discipline. We do not have all the answers, but we can discuss the current and future college classroom. Molly Hare will facilitate this session.

Monday, May 22 Digital Learning/Information Literacy/Misinformation
Digital learning strategies for use in the classroom will be shared during the first part of this 3-part session. Information Literacy (IL) Research Guides include a variety of information about IL importance, including how information is created and cited is a second piece. Finally, teaching students how to think about misinformation and disinformation is the final part. Come and hear ideas that may be better than telling students to always use scholarly resources. Our ISU library professionals will present.

Wednesday, May 24 How Students Develop Analytic Thinking Skills
Developing analytic skills in higher education can help students be successful in their career path. This session will present basic types of analytic skills, followed by discussion of how to consider incorporating an analytic skill into classroom learning experiences. The session will be facilitated by Molly Hare.

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