MBA association at Scott College of Business Collaborates with Televerde

The MBA association at Scott College of Business has been collaborating with the Televerde Foundation ( on a volunteer project working with the Women’s Federal Prisons in Madison and Rockville to help them gain the skills necessary to rejoin society and enter the workforce when released. We had the opportunity to visit these two facilities and present certifications for completion of the professional workshops delivered by Dr. Bahareh Javadizadeh and MBAA students: Anuja Niroula, Lauren Kuckewich, Martha Vaughn, Paul Wells, Ping Lin, Pushpita Haque, Sarah Alzahrani, Sarah Schikora, Tramauryia Hunter, Youssef El Quazzani.

Pictured are MBA Students, Mentees from Madison Federal Prison, and The Televerde Paths Team.

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