LEAP Indiana 4th Monday Coffee Hour Improving Equity in Your Classroom

Monday, January 29th, 12:30- 1:30 p.m.

I have always believed that every student in my classroom deserves an equal chance. However, this doesn’t come easily or automatically; it requires a conscious and dedicated effort to respond to the level of diversity in your classroom, especially when our education system often reinforces the same inequalities it was designed to overcome. However, when we actively promote equity in the classroom, it helps remove barriers so all of our students can succeed. Join this talk to learn some small, but impactful ways to promote equity in your class. Lamia Scherzinger, Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology at IUPUI, will present.

Zoom link: https://indstate-edu.zoom.us/j/92353348430?pwd=bXU2blgzQ1cvK084NW5hODMwNHd6UT09

FCTE main page for booking sessions: https://sycamoresindstate.sharepoint.com/sites/EMP-FCTE

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