K-12 Staggered School Learning or Closure

To accommodate leave requests for staggered K-12 school learning or closure, employees may request paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which was signed into federal law in March 2020. All requests for leave must be made to the Office of Human Resources. Supervisors should not approve leave. The leave provides 2/3 pay and allows the employee to make up the remaining 1/3 of pay by use of other personal leave time.

The FFCRA leave is administered in the same manner as FMLA, and qualified employees are entitled to leave. Employees approved for leave will utilize the entire work-day for leave. This is not remote work or flex-time. In order to be consistent with federal law, on the days an employee is utilizing FFCRA leave they are not expected nor should they be performing ISU work. This includes answering emails, participating in conference calls or meetings. The purpose of the leave is for employees to have time to assist their school age child, age 14 or under, with learning.

For further information please see “Expanded FMLA Paid Leave for Staggered School Schedule” on the Human Resources website.