It’s time to verify your emergency contact and personal information

Does ISU have your most recent personal information such as emergency contact, home address, and telephone number? A periodic review and update, if needed, of your personal information is a good idea.

To access your information, start at the Indiana State University homepage at Click on “MYISU” and log in to your portal using your University Username and Password. Select “Employee Self-Service” and under the heading “Employee Services” choose “My Profile- Update Address, Phone, Email, Emergency Contact Information”. Click on the Personal Information badge.

You have the ability to view and/or update the following:

• Campus address and campus phone number – This must be correct for the Campus Directory to display your information correctly
• Home address and personal phone numbers
• E-mail addresses
• Directory Profile
• Emergency Contacts
• Marital Status
• Ethnicity and Race
• Veterans Classifications
• Spouse Information
• Disability Status

If you wish to edit any information, simply click on the pencil icon that is located under the information that you wish to edit. After you have reviewed and/or updated your information, be sure to “Sign Out” of MyISU by clicking on the icon next to your name in the upper right hand corner. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Human Resources at extension 4114.

Please note that official name and/or prefix changes must be completed in HR with the required documentation.

Indiana State University does not provide personal information to external entities unless mandated by federal or state requirements.

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    Human Resources