ISU Today Announcements and Calendar Events Submission Tips

Announcement submission form:

Event submission form:

TIP 1.

When you are submitting an announcement that you also want listed on the calendar of events, use the announcement form. The form has a box that you can check to include your announcement on the calendar. Less work on your part.

TIP 2.

The synopsis only shows up on Calendar Events. If you put important information in the synopsis for an announcement, it will not show up when the announcement runs. Please include all the vital information within the main message.

TIP 3.

Each announcement you enter has a maximum 2 days to run. If you list multiple events on different dates in your announcement, you will have to re-enter the announcement to get the number of run dates you desire. Or you can enter each event separately. There is not a way for us to reproduce the announcement on our end.

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