ISU Alumni Association closes in on a successful ‘Join in July’

The Indiana State University Alumni Association has grown in size significantly after its month-long membership initiative, ‘Join in July.’

The ISU Alumni Association has gained 606 alumni and friends to the Sycamore family during July 2023. Out of the 606 members, 345 Sycamores joined as brand-new members, and 45 Sycamores committed to being lifetime members of the Alumni Association. 

Lifetime membership gifts entirely go to support the Alumni Association Endowed Scholarships funds. With the generosity of Sycamores, over $71,000 in gifts were provided to help the Alumni Scholarship Endowment, which supports 37 student scholarships at Indiana State University this fiscal year. Clint Weddle, Executive Director of the ISU Alumni Association, believes this is a remarkable time for celebrating Sycamore Pride. 

“Throughout July, the Alumni Association has spread Sycamore Pride to alumni and friends far and wide. Your membership will help support current and future students while allowing you to participate in many alumni programs. Without the help of Sycamores and friends during this time, students would not have the opportunities these gifts help provide. It’s truly a special time to come together as a Sycamore family,” Weddle said.  

When joining as a member of the Alumni Association, you will receive exclusive benefits to stay connected to Indiana State. If you missed your opportunity to Join in July, you can still leave your mark while helping students and alumni initiatives for years to come. Vice-Chair of the Alumni Association, Aryn Richey, said now is the time to give back and stay connected to Indiana State. 

“Thanks to the commitment of our Alumni Association Board members and University Advancement staff, our Join in July membership initiative was a great success. By joining our network of over 100,000 Sycamores and friends, members are making a difference in the lives of Sycamores through scholarship and university initiatives while remaining connected to our beloved alma mater. When our alumni remain rooted in the life of Indiana State University, we enrich the lives of current and future Sycamores,” Richey said.   

The Alumni Association offers different options for membership: Alumni Association Annual Membership ($40); Joint Alumni Association Annual Membership ($75); Alumni Association Lifetime Membership ($750); Joint Alumni Association Lifetime Membership ($1000); Alumni Association New Graduate/Current Student Membership ($20 for annual). 

To learn about the Indiana State Alumni Association and how to stay connected, grow, and give back, visit