Interim grading for Spring 2024

Interim Grading for Spring 2024 starts on Thursday, February 22 and will conclude by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, February 27 .

• Training on interim grading will be held on Friday, February 23, from 10am-11am. Click here to register for the training.

• Interim grades are required for all undergraduate students regardless of course level (undergraduate and/or graduate)

• Department Chairs should pass along reporting information to instructors or teaching assistants in their specific department.

• If there is a teaching assistant for a course, then the department must submit a request to add them as an instructor if they have not already done so. The graduate assistant will also need to sign a FERPA acknowledgment here

• Progress notifications will be sent to Academic Deans and Chairpersons during this time.

• Instructions for assigning interim grades can be found at:

Questions, please contact the Registrar at (812) 237-2020 or email us at

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