Instructional Design Consultations, OICC, and other Faculty Resources

As you may have seen already, our Instructional Designers are available for consultations with faculty who are changing their teaching modalities or methods in order to offer their courses this semester. Please feel free to reach out to the Instructional Designers at or by calling 812-237-2345. Either contact method will get an Instructional Designer reaching back out to you.

Another feature we have developed this past spring and summer is the Online Teaching Certificate. This certificate is different than the Online Instructor Certificate Course, which is postponed until Spring Semester. The Online Teaching Certificate is access to a variety of modules which are offered in a self-guided and self-paced modality. We keep track of what has been completed and when the requirements are met, we send you the certificate. You can check out the modules that make up the certificate at

We have an additional feature called the Online Course Review Rubric, We designed it to assist faculty in their course development. All of the aspects listed are items that research supports as best practices. We even included the research used in the full rubric,

As mentioned above, the Online Instructor Certificate Course has been postponed for the Fall semester. We wanted to insure that we are available to help you one-on-one as you need assistance. We look forward to speaking with you soon. You can reach us at or by calling 812-237-2345.