Institutional Review Board – Resources

If you are looking for IRB resources for the ethical review of human subjects research, the FCTE has 5 recorded sessions to help you! These sessions cover an introduction to the IRB, what constitutes “research” under the federal definition, recruiting, data security, and collaborative research. To find these resources, look in your Canvas account (ORG-FCTE) in your published courses (FCTE Recorded Sessions).

These resources, as well as the IRB website and the Documents for IRB Researchers Library under Forms and Templates on IRBNet provide guidance on how to determine whether your project meets the federal definition of “research” requiring ethical review, the level of review, how to complete the necessary forms, and templates for consenting participants.

Researchers are encouraged to use these resources and to reach out using the IRB Office Hours hosted by Dr. Lindsey Eberman (Chair) and Dr. Ryan Donlan (Vice Chair) for support. Office Hours are posted on the IRB Website and updated each semester.

IRB Website:

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