Homcoming SoberRide Shuttles

SoberRide is a free shuttle that will operate from 10 am-4:30 pm on Saturday, October 22, 2022 for the Homecoming football game. SoberRide drops off passengers at Memorial Stadium and ISUs campus, with several pickup locations, listed below.


Sober Ride stops from ISU to Memorial Stadium (pick up locations only)

Saratoga, 5th and Wabash Ave

Verve, 7th and Wabash Ave

9th and Wabash south side of Wabash Ave Across from Terminal

Ambro’s OMG, 14th and Wabash

Dave’s Garage, 18th and Wabash Ave

Auto Zone, 2301 Wabash Ave


Sober Ride stops from Memorial Stadium to ISU (pick up locations only)

Memorial Stadium, 3300 Wabash Ave.

Maurizio’s Pizza, 2940 Wabash Ave

Pizza King, 20th and Wabash Ave

Sonka’s, 14th and Wabash Ave

Clabber Girl, 9th and Wabash on 9th Street

Ballyhoo, 9th and Chestnut Street


Sober Ride Drop Off/Pick Up Locations

Memorial Stadium, 3300 Wabash Ave.

University Village, 7th and Elm

ISU Lot 11, 5th Street (south of Spruce Street)

ISU Campus, 5th and Chestnut Street (4th and Chestnut during the parade)

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