Help needed, Survey on exploration of driving habits.

Dear Participant,

The master of occupational therapy students from Indiana State University, under the advisement of Dr. Priya Bakshi, are conducting an IRB reviewed (protocol #1559264-3 ) study on preferred steering wheel hand placement habits, impact on daily routines, and perceived safety of dominant immobilization in different driving settings.

Data collected from this survey will (a) identify preferred steering wheel hand placement habits, (b) how driving impacts daily routines, (c) perceived safety when the dominant arm is immobilized, (d) explore how this data will help healthcare professionals recommend return to driving.

The research team invites anyone 18 or older with a valid driver’s license to complete this online survey that is 15 multiple choice questions that will take about 10 minutes to complete. Completed surveys will be kept confidential in a password protected folder on One-drive that is only accessible to research team members. Risks associated with the research study are minimal with no direct benefits to you. Your participation in the study is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time by contacting the researcher.

Click on link to take survey:

Thank you for your time,
Priya Bakshi, OTD