Graduate Studies Processing Update

Effective June 8, 2023, the Office of Graduate Studies (in collaboration with each academic college and the Office of the Registrar) will be implementing a new processing procedure. Graduate student and graduate faculty related forms will no longer be submitted to this Teams site.

The new processing will route all items (except graduate student petitions) through the academic colleges up to the Office of the Registrar. Additionally, all of the forms have been slightly edited to indicate this change in routing. Forms are no longer available for download on this Teams site and are rather located on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

A detailed explanation and reference tables for where these forms can be found is located in the attached document. Additionally, this document has been saved and pinned to the top of this Teams site.

If you have questions regarding the processing, please reach out to your academic college Associate Dean or the Director of Graduate Studies.

As this transition takes place, I am sure there will be some bumps along the way because it is a new process. Thank you for your patience as we execute the transition during the summer so we are prepared for the fall.


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