Ghana Study Abroad Program Informational for May 2024

The Ghana Study Abroad program hosted by the Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center and the ISU AFRI Department provides an enriching experience for our undergraduate students. The program provides a comprehensive and immersive cultural experience for the students, enabling them to understand better Ghana’s history, cuisine, identity, and culture, but also challenge our students’ own identity. Engaging in community service, meeting students from University of Ghana and Cape Coast, and learning about the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade during the study abroad program goes beyond mere academic learning. It showcases the student’s commitment to making a positive difference and contributing meaningfully to the host country, and bridging the gap in cultural student experiences for domestic students internationally. This hands-on involvement fosters personal growth, empathy, and a sense of responsibility towards others, creating a lasting impact on the students’ lives.

The Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center and the ISU AFRI Department values transformative student experiences that enhance intersectionality and the whole being of the Initiatives like these that contribute to developing well-rounded, culturally aware individuals who can play a vital role in promoting diversity, equality, and cross-cultural understanding in our increasingly interconnected global society.

Below you will find the Ghana Study Abroad Program Informational
September 27th, 5pm-6pm AACC lower level
October 5th, 1pm-2pm AACC conference room
October 5th, 6pm-7pm AACC classroom
Applications due October 16th – Must attend an Informational to be considered

Contact: Dr. Andrea Arrington – and Dr. Tiffany Reed –

  • First Event Date
    September 27, 2023
    • Start Time
      5:00 pm
    • End Time
      6:00 pm
    • Event Address
      AACC Lower Level
  • Second Event Date
    October 5, 2023
    • Start Time
      6:00 pm
    • End Time
      7:00 pm
    • Event Address
  • Event Contact
    Tiffany Reed
  • Phone
    (___) ___-____
  • Email