FedEx Purple Runway Aviation Scholarship Recipients 2020 and 2021

Photo of FexEd scholars

Indiana State University welcomed FedEx officials on Oct. 13 for a day that presented College of Technology students with learning and networking opportunities. Students who received the FedEx Purple Runway Aviation Scholarship in 2020 and 2021 were recognized during the FedEx Takeover Day luncheon and awards program. Jim Bowman — retired FedEx executive and ISU alumnus who was instrumental in bringing the FedEx Purple Runway program to ISU —  attended the event.

Activities for FedEx Takeover Day took place at John T. Myers Technology Center and the ISU Flight Academy. FedEx representatives also spoke in five classes in the Department of Aviation Technology.

The FedEx Purple Runway Aviation Scholarship recipients:

2020 Cohort (received for 20-21 academic year)

Casidee Abram

Nathan Bailey

Jonah Boquiren

Spencer Chupp

Davis Cunningham

David Cutler

Sean Harris

Thomas Jackson

Brady Lafayette

Kendall LaFayette

Brant Lennox

Gregory Lichtenberger

Daniel Maas

Brandon Morris

Ethan Myers

Taegan Obermeyer-Loder

Evelyn Reed

Nicholas Smith

Nia Spiller

Jibri Taylor

2021 Cohort (received for 21-22 academic year)

Casidee Abram

Austin Anderson

Ryan Chambers

Dax Dausch

William End

Anthony Hodge

Sawyer Johnson

Sydney Kremer

Madison Malcomb

Luke Metallic

Jacob Ranola

Dominic Ranola

Evelyn Reed

Carson Roberts

Joshua Senn

Nicholas Smith

Ryan Szajna

Jibri Taylor

Addison Wall

Kyle Wolf