EXHIBITION: Divine Journey- Dante’s Divine Comedy

‘DIVINE JOURNEY’- Dante’s Divine Comedy
Reception: Thursday, Feb. 8, 4-6 pm
Duration: Feb. 5- Mar. 1, 2024
Engagement: create your own illustration based on Dante’s Divine Comedy and inspired by original works from the 1400s.
Location: Bare-Montgomery Gallery (Fairbanks Hall)
230 North 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47809
All ISU Exhibitions are free and open to the public. This means family and friends are welcome.

In tandem with Roberto Márquez’s show, ‘Commedia’ in The Yang University Art Gallery, is the ‘Divine Journey’ in the Bare-Montgomery Gallery. Here you will discover framed woodcut prints on letterpress paper from the 1400s accompanied by an interactive prompt to create and display your own contemporary illustrations inspired by Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy.’ This is a great opportunity to travel through Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory), and Paradiso (Paradise) and see how past and present visuals converge to narrate this epic poem.


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