Dissertation and Research Study

Good morning Sycamores and friends,

My name is Joseph Twitdy, an African American doctoral student in clinical psychology, and for my dissertation I am hoping to study the impact of racial discrimination on mental health for African Americans, while also identifying protective factors to diminish harm to mental health. The way you can help me answer the question is by answering the questions in this anonymous survey, which should take you about 7-10 minutes. Your participation in this study will contribute to our understanding of the impact of racial discrimination on mental health. You will also have the opportunity to enter into a lottery to win one of three $25 gift cards. One reason that you may not want to participate in this research study is that you may have to briefly recount if/and/how often you experience racial discrimination, which could cause distress. The survey link can be found below.

Survey Link:

Thank you and have a great day!

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