CyberSecurity Awareness: Data Security Standards . . . A Refresher

Data security is everyone’s job! Your attention to the data you are getting, sending, and storing is critical to our information security on campus.

Referring to OIT’s Data Security and Management Standards knowledge base article can help when you have questions about how to secure ISU data. Read the Knowledge Base article below to learn and remind you of answers to questions like:

• May I send a Social Security Number in an email?
• May I store a file containing student grade information on my ISU-owned laptop hard drive?
• What are the ways I can share various types of institutional information with colleagues I am working with outside of ISU?

We know you want to know the answers to these questions right now, but we are challenging you: familiarize yourself with the matrix in the article linked below to learn about these and other standards for keeping our ISU institutional data secure!

Data Security and Management Standards: