Creative writing: Write your own story

We all have something to say and stories to tell. In her book Bird by Bird (1994), Anne Lamott says, “Interviewers ask famous writers why they write (…) and when the occasional interviewer asks me (…) it’s because I want to and I’m good at it.” When developed, the act of writing can feel as natural as daydreaming. We’re all storytelling animals with an ear for language. For some of us, writing takes a little bit of practice. However, it’s neither a gift anyone is born with, nor is it an identity reserved for a select few. Writing is a craft honed through collaboration and self-discipline. Anyone who loves to read can also tell their story in writing. It’s really that simple.

In each workshop, we will spend two hours exploring the writing process, specifically what drives our creative urges and the tools we have at our disposal for creating works of creative nonfiction. These meetings will consist of dialogues and writing exercises. There will also be time to workshop and/or perform our own pieces.

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