Costume Campaign Callout

Residential Life and the Division of Student Affairs are seeking individuals to be a part of this year’s “My Culture is Not a Costume” and “My Costume Does Not Give Consent” campaigns. For the past 2 years, posters from the University of Oklahoma have been used with permission (as shown below), but we want to create our own representing the ISU community.

We want to share the faces and messages of how costumes and actions of members of our community impact our Sycamore family. The posters will be displayed in the residence halls, throughout the campus, and on social media.

We are looking for:
– Students from marginalized or underrepresented groups to have their picture taken and be a part of the face of the campaign.
– Students that want to share their voice on the critical importance of consent.
– Students, staff, and faculty to be behind the camera in helping promote the campaign across campus, engage in conversations around the campaign, and help determine future directions that the campaign could take.

Photoshoots will occur during early-to-mid September, so you must be available during that time.

Campaigns will run during the month of October.

If you are interested in assisting with these campaigns, please contact, or fill out this form by Tuesday, September 7.

  • Sponsoring Unit
    Office of Residential Life & the Division of Student Affairs