Comcast offering discounted internet to Pell Grant recipients

Pell Grant recipients will now qualify for reduced internet from Comcast through the company’s Internet Essentials offering. Students who qualify for the Pell Grant could get internet for as low as $10 a month through the company.

In order to apply and prove eligibility, students will need to provide their financial aid award letter showing they have a Pell Grant award. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Pell Grant recipients were made eligible for discounted internet service through the Emergency Broadband Benefit program, which many stressed should be made permanent to ensure low-income students are not left without internet access.

“By expanding eligibility to include Pell Grant recipients, Internet Essentials has taken an important step towards helping low-income college students realize their postsecondary goals,” Maureen Hoyler, President of the Council for Opportunity in Education, said in a press release. Find more information here.

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