Class of 2019 First Destination Survey Kudos!

Congratulations to the faculty and staff listed below on being recognized in the class of 2019 First Destination Survey as having contributed to student success at ISU! The Career Center collects post-graduation information from all graduating students, and on the August 2018, December 2018 and May 2019 survey, we added this question, “Would you like to list any ISU faculty or staff member(s) who played a significant role in your career development?”
Thank you for your commitment to ISU students and for making their experiences memorable. You have engaged students on a personal level and made an impact on their career path.

These faculty and staff members were mentioned by one or more students by name:

Todd Alberts
Stephanie Alexander
Brandi Andreae
Amy Ash
Regina Atkins
Katrina Babb
Priya Bakshi
Carrie Ball
Laura Bates
Renee Bauer
Travis Behem
Kuntal Bhattacharyya
Greg Bierly
Tim Boileau
Derrick Bowman
Alison Breiding
Judith Brewer
Paul Bro
Liz Brown
Julia Bruce
Dustin Bryant
Jonathon Burns
Emily Capettini
Kathleen Coffey
Brendan Corcoran
Jessica Coronis
Valerie Craig
James Davis
Karen Davis
Amy Demchak
Concetta DePaolo
Ryan Donlan
Darleesa Doss
Chris Drew
Georgianna Duarte
Mary Ann Duncan
Jessica Durbin
Lindsey Eberman
Kathy Edwards
Susan Eley
Christine Elkins
Richard Enyard
Alfred Finch
David Fleming
Anne Foster
Amy French
Jodi Frost
Mya Gamble
Kenneth Games
Eric Glendening
Gail Gottschling
Jeffrey Harper
Julie Heath-Reynolds
Nicole Heck
Kandace Hinton
Mary Howard-Hamilton
Jim Hughes
Cody Inskeep
Vin Isaia
Debra Israel
Paula Jarrard
Molly Kelly
Kit Kincade
Winnie Ko
Andreas Kummerow
Kimberly LaGrange
Steven Lamb
Isaac Land
Jennifer Lawson
Ashley Layman
Mark Lee
Raine Lee
Marilyn Leinenbach
Lee Anne Luttrell
Bill Mackey
David Malooley
Zachariah Matthew
Dave McCarter
Mark Mcinerney
Mark Miller
Jill Moore
Whitney Nesser
Tyler Nolting
Kellen Norris
Somer Nourse
Tracy Osborne
Charlie Peebles
Robert Perrin
Lisa Phillips
Cameron Powden
Jennifer Ramsey
Tami Rees
Michelle Reeson
Crystal Reynolds
Angela Reynolds
Donald Richards
Matthew Rivera
Joyce Robinson
David Robinson
Melony Sacopulos
Ardell Sanders
Joe Sanders
Chelsy Schnabel
Susan Schwartz
Mehran Shahhosseini
Jacqueline Shin
Barbara Skinner
Amanda Solesky
Erik Southard
Doug Stevens
Brian Stone
Crystal Sullivan
Della Thacher
Deetta Vance
Ryan Vanhoveln
Debra Vincent
Kale Walker
Sally Walter
Pat Wheeler
Kelly Wilkinson
Sarah Williams
Joyce Wilson
Zachary Winkelmann
Rebecca Wray
James Wurtz
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