BCET Technology students are invited to participate in a research study

Betsy Wilkinson, Program Coordinator for the Construction Management program, seeks student participation in a critical study to help us better serve technology students. This study will help us better understand students and improve the recruitment and retention of technology and engineering technology students like you.

IRB # and Title of Study: Purdue University Cayuse IRB-2023-722 (Indiana State University IRBNet ID # 1933391-1): Characterization of mathematics anxiety in post-secondary technology students learning mathematical concepts.

This study aims to find out how prevalent math anxiety is among technology and engineering technology students and explore the potential for solutions.

There is a drawing for one of (2) $100 Amazon gift cards for your participation. The drawing will take place on December 15. Please use the link to take the survey.

Risks associated with this study:
There are no anticipated risks with your participation in this study. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and refusal to participate will result in no penalty, repercussions, or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. Further, you may discontinue participation at any time without penalty or repercussion.

Your data will be de-identified by someone outside of the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology before sharing it with Ms. Wilkinson.
Details on how students are protected can be found in the consent form in the survey.

If you have questions or concerns about this study or your rights as a participant in this research, you may contact Elizabeth “Betsy” Wilkinson by phone at 812-237-2537 or by email at betsy.wilkinson@indstate.edu or the Research Assistant, Karina Vera Hanson, by phone at 812-262-9115 or by email at khanson6@sycamores.indstate.edu.

You may also contact the BCET Office of the Dean, Dr. Divya Choudhry, by phone at 812-237-3100 or by email at divya.choudhary@indstate.edu if you have questions about participation.