Action Required- Turnitin LTI 1.3 Update in Canvas- Tues., May 14, 2024

OIT will be updating the Turnitin integration in Canvas to the most recent version, LTI 1.3, on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. As Canvas integrations are only updated during intervals where no classes are active, this is the first possible date we can install this update.

Due to Turnitin’s new integration, only one version of the product can operate at a time in Canvas. Therefore, any assignments with a Turnitin requirement will need to be updated.

Instructors teaching Summer 2024 courses will need to update their Turnitin assignments before the start of the Summer term on Monday, May 20, 2024. In the Turnitin LTI 1.3 update, there is a built-in Copy Assignment tool that will help you update your Turnitin assignments (link in attachment).


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