295 faculty & staff recognized by Class of 2021 graduates

Congratulations to the 295 faculty and staff who were recognized by graduates from the Class of 2021 for having contributed to student success while they were at Indiana State University!

The Career Center collects post-graduation information from graduating students and one of the questions graduates are asked is, “Would you like to list any ISU faculty or staff member(s) who played a significant role in your career development?” .

To all faculty and staff included in the report and to those who are not, your contributions are noticed on the quality of the student experience and thank you for your commitment to making their experiences memorable.  You have engaged students on a personal level and made an impact on their career path.

The faculty and staff recognized by students may be viewed in the final pages of the First Destination Report for the Class of 2021 included below. Please note names (including titles) were submitted by students.


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