2023 Commencement Graduates Photo Shoot

University Marketing is offering winter 2023 Commencement graduates the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot to help promote Indiana State University. In exchange for your participation, you will have access to the images at no cost. The photo shoot will include a variety of individual images as well as groups.

To participate, you would need to meet the following criteria:

–          An undergraduate or graduate student receiving your degree winter 2023 and participating in Saturday’s commencement ceremonies.

–          Have a cap and gown and bring it to the shoot.

–          Be willing to sign a model release on site authorizing the university to use images from the shoot in marketing material.

The tentative times for shoots would be as follows:

–          1 p.m. – Thursday, Dec. 14 in Health and Human Services (for HHS graduates)

–          2 p.m. – Thursday, Dec. 14 in Dreiser Hall (Arts and Sciences graduates)

–          3 p.m. – Thursday, Dec. 14 in University Hall (BCOE graduates)

–          1 p.m. – Friday, Dec. 15 in the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology (BCET graduates)

–          2 p.m. – Friday Dec 15 in he Scott College of Business (SCOB graduates)

Graduate and Undergraduate students are welcome to participate.

There is limited availability, so please e-mail Tony.Campbell@indstate.edu to register to participate and to get specific details on the location.